20 Bizarre Sexual Fetishes You Never Knew Existed

When it comes to unlocking the physical pleasure for men and women, the importance of sexual fetishes can’t be ignored. It’s common to have sexual fetishes, but still, there are few individuals from AsianDate.com who are almost dealing with the weirdest fetishes. Do you want to know about weird fetishes? So, keep reading it.

Here, we are going to unveil top weird kinks that you probably never heard about.

Bizarre Sexual Fetishes – So, let’s check out the top 20 bizarre or strange fetishes that you never knew existed.

1 – Agalmatophilia

There are individuals who feel attracted to inanimate stuff or objects. Yes, there are individuals who want to spend time with dolls, statues, and even mannequins. Obviously, it is the first weird thing on our fetish list.

Hence, if you want to know about how agalmatophilia behaves in public, you need to learn more about them online.

2 – Macrophiliacs

If you have ever watched porn equipped with giant fiction characters, you might be aware of Macrophiliacs. In this weird sex fetish, people love, romancing with giant things. They love watching porn movies where giant fiction characters have weird sex with normal men or women.

Macrophiliacs can be distinct creatures on this earth planet as they enjoy something really weird.

3 – Spectrophiliacs

People who want to have sex or sexual interaction with ghosts come into this category. It’s really weird when you notice that there are people who want to have sex with ghosts or similar creatures. It is the weirdest thing on our fetish list.

Most people can’t hear about ghosts, but spectrophiliacs love and dating having sex with these mysterious creatures. If you don’t want to deal with such confused people, you need to learn how to recognize spectrophiliacs people in public.

20 Bizarre Sexual Fetishes You Never Knew Existed
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4 – Trichophiliacs

Individuals who are crazy for long hair are considered among this fetish list. When it comes to creating a list of weird sexual fetishes, you aren’t supposed to exclude trichophiliacs from the list.

If you are someone with long hair, you should be very careful while going outside. It might be possible that a trichophytic may get attracted to you.

5 – Kleptolagnia

When a partner wants to steal stuff such as clothes, undergarments, and perfume steal, they come into this category of weird kinks. They are always in a rush of stealing something from their partner.

If you notice that someone is stealing your small stuff while making love, you need to introspect about your partner. Who knows that your partner could be a kleptolagnia? However, dealing with such people isn’t a tough task to accomplish, but still, you need to learn how to behave with such people.

6 – Katoptronophilia

When it comes to creating a list of strange sexual fetishes, you can’t exclude katoptronophilia from the list. People who love doing sexual activities in front of them are considered katoptronophilia. For instance, when an individual from the best dating sites loves masturbating watching himself in the mirror, they are called katoptronophilia. Basically, they love mirror sex.

If you notice that your partner loves spending hours in front of the mirror, you should be aware of the same. It might be possible that she/he loves doing a sexual activity before the mirror when alone.

7 – Abasiophiliacs

When it comes to doing weird sex, you can’t underestimate the importance of abasiophiliacs. They usually love having sexual activity with orthopedic appliances. Of course, it’s really weird but true.

If you are into orthopedic business, you can hope to find plenty of abasiophiliacs at your business premises.

8 – Coprophilia

When someone gets attracted to feces, they are considered as coprophilia. There is also a subcategory of the coprophilia, which is known as coprophagia.

However, it’s a weird sexual activity, but people with coprophilia assume that it’s a common practice among the masses.

9 – Hobophilia

When you feel sexual fantasies keeping homeless people in mind, you are hemophilia. So, next time when you feel erotic while seeing a homeless man or woman, you need to introspect about your sexual orientation.

Yes, you need to get in touch with your sexual doctor about the same. However, it’s not a harmful issue, but yes, it’s weird.

10 – Tripsolagniacs

People who feel good while their hair is being shampooed, they are considered as tripsolagniacs. If you are going to visit a salon, you would surely like to recognize people with tripsolagniacs.

However, it’s not a disease, but obviously, it comes under weird sexual activities or fetishes.

11 – Asialism

When you feel a burning desire of having sex or intercourse with someone’s armpit, you are also in this dirty fetish system.

Now, you might be feeling an urge to vomiting. But it’s true that there are people who love sexual intercourse with someone else’s armpit.

12 – Paraphilic Infantilism

When someone feels and behaves like a newborn baby especially while playing sex or other sexual activity. They are considered among the paraphilic infantilism category.

13 – Chelonaphilia

When you feel special feelings for real turtles, you are among the practitioners of weird sexual activities.

So, next time when you notice that your neighbor loves keeping turtles at his/her pond. You should be very aware of the same.

14 – Formicophiliacs

It’s seen that people with formicophiliacs love playing with genitals while making love.

However, most of the women and men assume that it’s a common practice, but in reality, it’s not. It’s simply a weird fetish habit.

15 – Hematolagniacs

You must have heard about vampires who drink the blood of beautiful women, but there are real-life vampires. Yes, Hematolagniacs men or women love drinking the blood of their partner during sexual activity.

16 – Ursusagalmatophiliacs

Do you love playing with teddy bears? If yes, then you should introspect about your habit. Actually, people who love making love or sexual interaction Mistakes that You Should Avoid While Dating Online with teddy bears come into this category of weird sex fetish.

17 – Claustrophilia

When someone feels attracting to tight places. They are consider claustrophilia.

18 – Climacophiliacs

Is it really weird that there are individual from online dating website in this world that gets arousal when they see someone falling down from stairs?

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19 – Mysophilia

Can you believe it that rotting flesh can turn an individual on? Yes, people with mysophilia are very sensitive towards rotten flesh.

20 – Psellismophilia

Stuttering can create arousal in you. Of course, it’s difficult to believe in this fact. But there are individuals who enjoy getting aroused by stuttering.

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