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Scam people
Scam people, guys are not who they say they are, just looking for booty call, quite a few of the profiles have guys with sunglasses or out of focus pics, or pets, very evasive, monosyllabic conversations.
laboringqf - December 3, 2019
Never pay for a subscription
Never pay for a subscription or you will be very sorry!
u5skyle - December 3, 2019
This site is FULL of scammers and frauds
This site is FULL of scammers and frauds. I can’t even count any more how many scam messages I have received. The only reason I haven’t deleted my account yet is because I make it a point to report each and every scam/fraud message I receive.
vassiafp - December 3, 2019
Fake profiles and scammers
This Dating App/Site is absolutely loaded with fake profiles and scammers. Steer clear of this one, the single advice you need.
uefun5 - December 2, 2019
Worse than this site actively interferes
Lots of hype and very little substance, many of the profiles are fault and no longer active. Worse than this site actively interferes in your choices by suggesting what age people should seek, and get you locked in certain age against your choice. I would highly recommend people search other online dating entities before joining in.
fraleagemnefeku - December 2, 2019
They don't care
People always buffer the look and style of themselves and they are not whom they seem to be so it become a misunderstanding and a bad situations for people to have to deal with and they don’t care about other people.
cocavaso6 - December 2, 2019
Really sucked!
Wow! Most of the men I chatted with were married and looking for a side piece. Really sucked! Finally I met someone and dated for a month found out all he wanted was sex. So many games… Would not have expected this
regsmagl5 - December 2, 2019
They were scammers
The first 3 men that contacted me were not real people. They were scammers. After 2 emails there is a pattern. Their spelling is poor and they ask for your email address immediately. All three had telephone area code 437, coincidence? I don’t think so.
coactopitlyu5 - December 2, 2019
Be careful of the age liars too
This site should be called many Fakes and Scammers. In my experience most of the men used outdated photos and out and out lied about their body type. Almost every time I received a match I thought for sure they sent it to the wrong person. Be careful of the age liars too.
svartholac4 - December 1, 2019
AWFUL, HORRIBLE WASTE OF MONEY. Go to any bus stop, and you will have better luck.
kienzlelg - December 1, 2019
This is a total rip off
I took out a 3 month subscription and after two turned off auto renew. They cancelled my last month but didn’t refund any money. This is a total rip off. I complained to Apple who were no help at all even though they are the agent.
soycisr0w - December 1, 2019
They steal money
This is how they’re trying to get around being sued for fraud the first few times they broke their own terms to steal money.
ptqkblogzinegp - November 29, 2019
Horrible site
Horrible site. Old accounts of people who are no longer there. They also make it almost impossible to cancel your account, and when you think it is canceled you get suckered into another payment. Worst dating site with the worst customer service. I do not recommend this site.
irhelamt - November 29, 2019
A total ripoff
A total ripoff and a major waste of time.
angelhunny250ji - November 3, 2019
Just stay away from LatinFeels
Just stay away! My first and last dating experience ever! All the profiles are fake! They just want money… more and more. If they try to charge my account without my permission, I will make this very public! I strictly asked the support to tell me, if I have a subscription, even though I haven’t asked for it. Response was gibberish about unsubscribing from e-mails. After another reply from my side, nothing happened.
twinnym - November 1, 2019
So many fake profiles
So many fake profiles.. Unbelievable.
epiciaclery45 - November 1, 2019 is a scam, no doubt about it
It’s a scam, no doubt about it. They would talk to you and be very nice and seemingly interested, but as soon as you propose to switch communication channel for whatever it is (email, skype, FB etc.) since the site is outrageously expensive, they either ignore it and keep talking to you there or say some BS like they have no other way of communication or simply stop responding. Than fanny fact I’ve spent $200 talking to a girl in Ukraine in two days so logically she spent the same responding message for message. It becomes too expensive for me but not for her – single mother living in country with $200 average MONTHLY income. Go figure! 🙂 Fake profiles for sure!
ting102935 - November 1, 2019
I don't recommend anyone
I don’t recommend anyone using a credit card at this site.
azntriad100001r - November 1, 2019
AsianDate is Big Scam
It is a big scam, mainly Artificial Intelligence is used to respond.. all of a sudden all cute men and women on the website having the same lines of expressing their emotions. anyway, i thought it is a website for travellers to meet and travel together to destinations, and found myself in this scam dating website for couple of hours, from the messages and responses it was a clear scam. check other reviews, a lot of people saying it is scam, and i doubt those giving it 5 stars to be from the same scam company.
ayamachith - November 1, 2019
Zero Stars
Zero Stars. Perhaps a Negative Five Stars would be more appropriate.
sameerarezacs - November 1, 2019
AsiaCharm is a total scam,trust me.
This site is a total scam,trust me.I’ve only been on this site for a few weeks now and realized early on that they were out for your money.All the girls join for free and are not allowed to order any services to meet or talk to you by phone.Its funny how most of the girls are Doctors,Nurses,Student,Flight Attendants, Business owners,Dancers and of course Teachers.I chatted with this one girl that was a teacher and I said,So you are a teacher?she replyed,NO I’ve baby sited a few times.Its also a red flag when you a not allowed to exchange any personal information in letters or through chatting.They don’t want you to exchange emails because than you wont pay for there services anymore.I ordered a call me service for this one girl I liked and it went so bad.The first two times I was waiting around for a call and never got one.They sent me a email saying I never picked up when my phone never rang.I was forced to call and complain about it,then the third time it worked out.I wouldn’t say worked out because I couldn’t even understand the interrupter to be able too exchange our emails.It took 10 minutes to get most of the email but not all.I paid for a 10 minute call yet they charged me ten credits for going over 1 minute.I was so pissed off that I spent that kind of money for such bad service.Luckly after I wrote a long letter to them,they gave me the rest of her email.Now I have this girls email and shes too busy to write me.When she wrote me letters on the site,they were so wonderful and up lifting.When ever I send a letter to the customer support or live chat,its always the same girl named Anne.I asked so many times to speak to her boss and it never happened.I laugh at there customer service because they say that’s part of the reason why there so expensive.Anyways for all those out there that want to meet girls on here,DONT its a waste of money.I told them many times I was going to get my lawyer involved and have them shut down if they don’t give me my money back.Well the customer support rep ended the chat without trying to work with me.Its truly said how they can get away with this for so long,I hope someone will shut them down.I hate to see others loose there money and have there hearts shattered over these F in people.
naidbhint7s - November 1, 2019
AsiaCharm steals your time give you opportunities to make connections with woman . As soon as you make connections , they shut your profile down . won’t allow you back on the site .For no reason , but pure hate and jealousy . They don’t give you enough credits for the price you pay . I email customer support multiple times and they ignore you . steals your time ,credits and money .They don’t give refunds . Against their word .They are very rude and unprofessional . They shouldn’t be online .They should be , shut down .
raspremajl9 - November 1, 2019 is a complete fraud is a complete fraud…i paid several times online for credits where you can either chat or send a message…girls are real but all they want is you to just chat chat chat or write to take your have to pay for every message or chat session….they will even have so to say live cams on the girls and give their number after paying an introduction fee but its all for nothing. they would never commit themselves to trying to find a partner or really getting in touch with you personally. for example they will at the least send you 1 message to your email but will just go back to their site to reply to you from there …so you pay credits…., so you have to pay credits to answer them…all until your credit is out and have to top up.. I am positive the girls are on a commission and just want your cash…careful guys this site work on the same system and are a complete fraud.
dainysne - November 1, 2019
International scam
his in part of a sophisticated international scam that is designed to lift money from your bank account. ‘Russianbrides’ is effectively the same as ‘Victoria Hearts;’ ‘Victoria Brides;’ ‘Anastasia;’ ‘Match Truly;’ ‘Charmerly;’ ‘Love Swans;’ “Ukrainian Charms” and ‘Valentime.’ There is no competition between them, they are all part of the same sad syndicate. There are a growing number of these sites. It is a billion $ industry. Incredibly beautiful and sexy girls who are way out of your age range (and actual chance to develop a relationship with) appear to want you; whatever you say, or do or are. Take ‘Ekaterina’ member 4409966 on all the web sites mentioned above. She is really Katerina Milevskaya, fashion and glamour model, aged 23 from Kiev/Moscow. On Instagram she is ‘milevskate’ There she has 457k followers. It is most unlikely ‘she’ is on-line on all these sites 24/7 (as she appears to be)! Instead, ‘agents’ (men and women) take commission working shifts writing for the profile. They mercilessly encourage you to look at videos, each costing 50 credits (most are available free on her Instagram); write a mail; cost 30 credits, view photos in a mail; cost 10 credits (most again are available on her Instagram) as well as sending astronomically priced gifts (charged through credits). I sent a gift, and received a photo of the gift, but pictured with it was an entirely different girl! Customer support response; “Girl look terrible without make-upI” I only did that the once! Direct questions are rarely, if ever responded to. The girls are implicated as only some of the photos and videos are on Instagram. When you have spent 3000 credits sites promise that you can ask for contact details. When you receive the details, they don’t work! The girls are most usually Ukrainian (on the sites listed above), but there are also similarly syndicated sites of women from other areas of the world run by the same outfit, based in Cyprus, registered in America and your cash for credits is processed in the UK. The scams appear an acceptable part of regular (irregular) business practices. Where ever the money goes (it’s a world wide scam) who knows! Frustratingly no one seems able or want to address the sophisticated deceits with the crooks responsible! AVIOD ALTOGETHER!
yesulap4 - November 1, 2019
Save your money & go elsewhere
Save your money & go elsewhere or try something different
vanadijum38 - November 1, 2019
I had terrible experience with this site!
I had terrible experience with this site! I have spent there 1500$ and then woman lied me and didn’t come to meeting in Kiev where I came special to her! I don’t advice this scam site anybody! If you really want to have normal meeting, even in your country there is real agency where you communicate with women directly without any site.
vedicfk - November 1, 2019
It's a frustrating
It’s a frustrating waste of time and money.
wedwheeryduby1q - November 1, 2019
Careful, is complete scam!
Careful, this is complete scam! This girls are not real, I am marred and had never used this site, but i found my own pictures there and i keep writing and asking them to remove it, but they are still using my photos to drag money out of people, do not trust them, it’s all fake!!!
suthach49 - November 1, 2019
No genuine profiles on there sales ploy, it worked! Scum bags! No genuine profiles on there
shanntachxx - November 1, 2019
There is no real men on AmoLatina
There is no real men on this site all catfish or horny pervs. So if your into this getting your money stolen or stalked and/or jumped for your body just for sex . good luck to you.
ddigroenaeg - November 1, 2019
Fake profile
If you don’t get a response at least you didn’t have to pay to get ignored.
skrynerigwi - November 1, 2019
AnastasiaDate is a huge scam
This site is a huge scam aimed at emptying tour bank is run by a criminal organisation aimed at the vulnerable and stupid.stay away you have been warned
wakumisaz5 - November 1, 2019
piscello2j - November 1, 2019
Rubbish, doesn’t verify
Rubbish, doesn’t verify. Very shallow, no proof if profiles are fake.
kaphathy - November 1, 2019
I would not recommend Arabiandate
I joined and used pay pal to make the purchase. As I clicked OK to pay a second charge appeared which said something like membership set up fee and it cost as much as the monthly charge itself. A friend of mine told me she paid with a credit card and when the second membership setup fee showed up she clicked cancel. The site then offered to wave the set up fee. This site’s computer program is terrible and requires the use of several separate pages to get the info on matches. The site will also tell you a person is on line when in fact they signed off over a half hour earlier! I would not recommend this site even to my ex !!
abatalhesck - October 14, 2019
DO NOT JOIN THIS LYING CHEATING WEBSITE. YOU WILL BE DISAPPOINTING AND THEY WONT GIVE A REFUND. Without doubt this is a modern day con. you never quite get the service the suggest unless you pay extra at every turn. It seems impossible to chat to another site user unless you pay for credits and that’s the same even after you have paid the registration fee.
ngokhonghg - October 8, 2019
This site sucks. Its a total rip off. Application fee? Didn’t know I was applying for a credit card? Are you kidding me? And then there’s the coins….what a joke. Even after you pay for the subscription AND the “application fee” you still have to purchase coins to unlock potential matches….THE WORST DATING SITE EVER!!!
littlejoshy21ne - October 6, 2019
I was skeptical
I’m new to the online dating scene, but let me tell you. I created the free account, and yeah I was skeptical. I kept getting messages saying so-and-so wants to chat, or they sent you a message. So I gave them my credit card info and signed up for 6 months. What a waste of money! There were no messages, and I get no replies to messages. I’ll send a wink, and get the same automated message. Save your money. Try Plenty of Fish. It’s really free! Set up an account and you get to chat with people without giving out your credit card number. I even went out on a few dates. Yeah they have extra features you can pay for, but you don’t need them, and there’s no pressure to buy! I just wish I read reviews before I signed up, but when you see TV Commercial you automatically assume it’s all good. Don’t make the same mistake me and thousands of others made.
agony42 - October 6, 2019
This is the worst dating site I have ever dealt with. SAVE YOUR MONEY!!! I was a member for 3 days and had nothing but problems with the site for the entire time. One time, no one could log on, and it keeps changing my preferences on its own, it changed my user name on its own. I deactivated my account taking my loses to save me anymore frustration. NO WORTH YOUR TIME!
assombri9e - October 6, 2019
I believe this is FRAUD.
When I first joined Asiacharm, they failed to mention the $24.95 actuation fee. After I didn’t finish payment they sent an email forgoing this fee. As I started winking at the ladies, I noticed that two ladies gave the same return answers and two others also gave the same answers. To me this means that some type of computer answered my winks, not the ladies themselves. I believe this is FRAUD.
engleinwv - October 5, 2019
Beware! I have only been on this site for 3 weeks and was provided with very few profiles in my area. Lots of NY so I decided to reach out to a NY guy who seemed interesting. Was texting with him and he said he had been robbed at gunpoint and needed me to send him $ to get him out if a jam. I immediately blocked him from my phone and from the website and immediately reported the scam to Was informed that this occasionally occurs and that this person is more than likely in another country trying to pull off this scam. What kind of protection to the public is this? What a waste of time and $. These sites are exploiting people through their emotions. I’m hoping that a smart attorney will institute a class action suit to protect all of us in the future.
zaimaom0 - October 2, 2019
THIS SITE IS HORRIBLE from many aspects. 1. Fake profiles. 2. Horrible Customer service. 3. Female members were not attractive to me at all. In my opinion they were desperate. 4. Bad quality all together. BE WARNED!!!!!
bajanautas27 - October 2, 2019
Another Worst Website
They charge you to join and communicate with one another. But then they also want to charge you for every text that someone sends to you… That or they encourage you to submit to one of their junk sites either buy something to gain points… Which in turn takes over a month for it to apply towards your points… The survey questionnaire’s are ridiculous they repeat some of the same questions over and over in different ways… Which is very strange
juvefemy7 - October 1, 2019
Huge ripoff
Huge ripoff. Insanely stupid design. It sends out fake replies to Winks, misleading you to think the person actually responded. You can turn this feature off if you know it exists and search for the way to do it. Then, you have buy “coins” in order to actually connect with anyone. Horrible. Worst experience ever. Stay away.
fendillo2l - October 1, 2019
Totally fake
Run from this app. Hardest app to use. Not user friendly at all. It seems the profiles are totally fake. Tinder, Bumble and Match much better.
4urf6g - September 30, 2019
Don't waste your time
Don’t waste your time and hard earned money!!!
sixpencentr24oj - September 30, 2019 is a big cheat. is a big cheat. Take a gander at the letter that I got yesterday. from somebody who calls herself Tatiana “Hi my dear XXXX !! I adore you. I realize that I don’t state this regularly enough, yet I mean. I adore you, I need you, I need you. You a…” I am in Odessa at this moment, and I began to talk with that image of a delightful fair, and I inquire as to whether she needs to meet me since I am in the place where she grew up. Obviously, she didn’t know, all that she needed is to build the hour of the visit, until the end of time. At that point, I moved toward becoming from this modest control, and I disclosed to her a basic thing. “on the off chance that you might want to meet me, simply reveal to me where and when. I am in Odessa and I have a vehicle. I can meet you.” Furthermore, this was the replay that I got. Nothing about a gathering, just “I adore you, I cherish you”. Just to make me answer to her and pay 10 dollars, for the letter.
allansaurez - September 5, 2019
Asiacharm is a scam site
This is a scam site, it cost you money to do everything on the SOB,19.99 for 50 credits, 2 credits per min for a message,50 credits for a video you watch,10 credits to answer a mail, 30 credits after the first. all the while they have these photos of girls poping up saying they messaged you
benenwerkxd - August 29, 2019 will only drain you dry
Luckily I didnt lose so much money. First my profile was in english and I started to write to one of “girls”. It didnt go anywhere and I stopped after 5 paid letters. Then made my profile to see, if I would get real response but still only pre-written emails. One of those letters even came without “girls” name, jus plain “Hello, my name is NAME”. After that I changed ly profile I to russian with kyril letters and still not even one single letter who really looked my profile and answered my question. After that I saw two “girls ” online and I asked them in chat to read my profile and email to me again. Nothing. Even their contact us doesnt reply my request to remove my account. Now Im 100% sure its pure scam. If they were legit service they should provide information about their “girls”, like when they joined to service. After my experience I talked with my friend Who joined their site few years ago and he said there are still same profiles with same pictures. So better save your money because will only drain you dry.
addemacarcadekb - August 29, 2019
Fraud Website
A very large percentage of the ladies are only on these sites run by this company are only online to make men use credits. A good example is the guy who said he weighs 300 kilograms and is too heavy to wipe his rear end. He got over a hundred responses on the first day. I guess these girls enjoy wiping a fat guys ass! Try a made up profile for yourself and you will see .
tonfehlerpc - August 29, 2019
Never meet Lovely ladies on Asiandate
After finding a mature lady to talk to, I chose to up my credits. After 10 minutes or so, it wanted more credits. When I checked my bank account they hit my account 14 times! Luckily my bank caught that as unusual for me and shut it down! There is no way you can meet the lady other than through their money grubbing site! You can’t talk to them, send email or get a phone number unless you pay the site to use their facilities. YOU CAN NEVER MEET THE LOVELY LADY!
otpadniye - July 27, 2019 treats you like crap
This company treats you like crap! BE CAREFUL with all their sneaky charges. Customer service SUCKS!!!!! Its REALLY difficult to cancel your account and when you do cancel it, they keep your profile up for other people to see, but of course you can’t see them. You have to call them personally, to get your profile removed. That is def a invasion of privacy, to keep my profile up after I canceled it. SO just make sure you read the fine print. I canceled my account 6 months ago and found out today, it was still running! They only gave me a partial refund, even though the error was on their end! They could see that I had not logged into my account since the day I cancel it.
agudar02 - July 27, 2019
Amolatina is a Scam
I google searched the pictures, and the pictures belonged to a famous model. I contacted the model and she just made her facebook, twitter and instagram private. She probably sold the pictures to amolatina. Her name is bibi on amolatina, but her name is sandra beltran in real life. I contacted amolatina customer service and they deny everything and say she is legit. I’ve probably been talking to a guy this whole time
chantalripolli - July 27, 2019
Worst App
The application process is insane. Asking a bunch or weird questions you’re obligated to answer before joining.
kamperimk - July 26, 2019
Worst App
The application process is insane. Asking a bunch or weird questions you’re obligated to answer before joining.
kamperimk - July 26, 2019
Many features available
What I like about this website is that service offers very ”smooth” user experience. I am using the trial version, but I have many features available together with the big database of the profiles. That’s pretty smart! I’m thinking of upgrading soon.
diarrhoeaes - May 7, 0202
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