Good Reasons to Be Single On Valentine's Day 2022

Single On Valentines Day, February 14 is dedicated to celebrating lovers, with an avalanche of hearts and honeyed feelings, sometimes difficult to (di)manage for singles. But there’s no reason to hide under the covers crying. There are many ways to savor your singleness . Even more that night…

You Have The Right to do Whatever You Please

You don’t have anyone to prepare a nice surprise evening for you? Concoct it yourself! The advantage? You will be sure not to make a mistake… Take the opportunity to go see an exhibition that tempts you but that you postpone for lack of time, a film that makes you want to, or any other activity to please you.

You Won’t Have A Gift to Give

No flowers to buy, no restaurant to book, no surprising gift to make… So your only mission is to: think of yourself, and pamper yourself! And why not give yourself a little present ? DilMil You are your own Valentine.

To Dredge…

Whether you go out that evening or stay in front of the computer to chat, draw out the seducer / seductress that is in you and take advantage of the love that hovers over this day to start the conversation…

Stuff Yourself

Do you want to stay in front of a movie while swallowing ice cream or having a burger delivered? Nobody will judge you (especially not us).

Good Reasons to Be Single On Valentine's Day 2022

See Friends

Not having a lover does not mean not being surrounded. Your friends are there, maybe they too are single. And if you take the opportunity to get together around a good meal? The excitement of preparing and sharing the moment will satisfy any cravings for affection related to that particular day. To liven up the evening, you can even launch the “secret Valentine” game: as for Christmas, DilMil.Co everyone comes with a small gift to offer to one of the guests, #coeuraveclesdoigts .

Being Able to Test Single Parties

If you haven’t yet taken the plunge into the evenings organized for singles, this may be the right time!

Test Solitary Pleasures

Should we draw you a picture …?

It’s A Day Like any Other…

As a fulfilled single person, your evenings are full and there is no reason for that of February 14 to be very different… So continue to enjoy like every day. And cultivate your imperfections!

There are those “in the morning”, those who will answer you “everywhere all the time”, those who prefer to do it just before falling asleep to fall happy and fulfilled in the arms of Morpheus… When it comes to sex, the clock turns… at all speed(s). Is there really a better time than another to make love? We think that every hour has its little advantages…

Good Reasons to Be Single On Valentine's Day 2022Naughty Morning – Single On Valentines Day

Even if the breath isn’t the freshest and the bodies are still sleepy, morning hugs have the merit of putting you in a good mood for the day (even if it’s a Monday filled with long and stressful). To arrive with a smile on your face, there’s nothing like a part of the legs in the air – fast but playful – to leave lighter. In addition, it seems that at 7:30, the male sex hormones are more released, while those of women have a high level of estrogen. So, if it’s scientific… It would be wrong to deprive ourselves of it!

Even better when : sleeping in is in order… and when we hear the rain beating outside while we both warm up.

Wild Nap – Single On Valentines Day

After lunch, female and male desires would fit together perfectly. This is a good reason to slip under the duvet. In question ? Hormones related to stress are lower, and the feeling of well-being at its peak: a climate favorable to the desire for sex…

Even better when : you are on vacation, when you come back from the beach and the sun floods the room…

Cheeky Evening – Single On Valentines Day

Sometimes the day and the accumulated fatigue get the better of one or the other’s libido impulses. Thus, it happens that we both end up slumping on the sofa in front of a series rather than jumping on each other… Yet it seems that women are in the throes of desire from 11 p.m. Gentlemen, how about you turn off the computer?

Even better when : we light small candles, we put on a sexy bodysuit, we take out some toys …

Intense Night – Single On Valentines Day

You are in deep sleep when your partner is covering you with tender kisses… Your senses are awakening little by little and both of you fall into a hug as tender as it is unexpected, suspended between two dreams…

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Even better when : you went to bed a little angry!

What if the best time was… when it’s absolutely not planned? In a public place , an hour before an important appointment, by car to leave for the weekend… The excitement is then at its height. To make love when you’re happy and you want to, there’s no time!

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