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Men and Women Cheat have different theories as to why we cheat. Not necessarily you, but humans as a species.

You will hear from them that a man cheats in order to raise his self-esteem, because society requires a man to win, and the relationship is all boredom.

When it comes to why women cheat, you’ll find out that they felt left out and had no support in the other person , and flirting with someone new made them feel alive.

Others will hint that relationships Women Cheat were for life, YourLatinMates.com like dying from typhus before turning 40. Today they are already doing average.

There are also people who like to accuse a third person of it, because if it had not appeared, love would have flourished.

However, there are people who will be approached by the incarnation of attractiveness, and they will not do anything about it. Maybe they’ll think that this person is sexy, maybe they’ll visualize having sex with them, but they won’t cross the line after which the conversation becomes a deal. Opportunity is not enough. It’s all about a conscious choice, because even panties with a cracked rubber band must be helped so that they fall in front of someone. And if those panties are falling off then the third person is just an extra, an excuse, someone who has turned up at the right place at the right time.

So why are we cheating? There is one primary reason

We cheat when we think our relationship is worth nothing. When there is nothing to defend in a relationship. When the promise that “maybe this time it will be different” is enough to make you forget everything you’ve told the other person.

Whenever I met busy women, they didn’t say, “Oh, how wonderful you are!” That’s what single women say. Busy women say:
– You’re different from my man. It is so good to talk to you. I feel feminine with you.

In such conversations, it was not about someone else who appeared in their lives, but about what was missing. Their relationships began with great expectations, but the only thing that was built in them was a facade of happiness, behind which there are hectares of disappointment: a sense of loneliness, lack of commitment, having someone else’s needs somewhere, and barbed wire made of limitations and habits. Behind such a facade there is no place to live – there is only a void waiting to be filled. A sad, repetitive pattern embroidered with boredom and a depressing feeling that all the good things in their lives are over.

Why and When Do Women Cheat?The same can be said for men.

Long-term relationships are always less thrilling – Women Cheat

The most beautiful phase of love lasts 100 days. Most people think YourLatinMates that you feel like a drug addict. You wear pink glasses on your nose and the emotional rollercoaster keeps your brain flooding you with chemicals you don’t want to give up.

At the same time, no one sends you only SMS messages saying: “Buy rolls”. There are no claims or expectations. There is no boredom yet.

You might think that any relationship with this vision would lose, but that’s not true. There are no relationships where you can meet all your needs. These beautiful beginnings are not perfect either. They give emotions but do not provide a deep connection. When you open a door marked “Betrayal”, you also lose something. The question is, does what you have mean more to you or the fact that you undress in front of a new person.

Why do we NOT cheat? – Women Cheat

People who do not cheat believe their relationship is more valuable than the emotions associated with cheating. They may not experience such intense emotions in their relationship anymore, but they know that they have gained something that is more difficult to achieve. They gained what they worked out together and what is the essence of relationships longer than three years :

  • support
  • the possibility of being completely yourself with someone
  • that you are not being judged
  • feeling accepted, respected and attractive
  • common taste
  • knowing when someone wants tea and when they want to be alone.

It is about a unique space that cannot be shared with someone else and that is built over the years. With her, all the butterflies in the belly fall out pale. It is easier to have a passionate romance than a beautiful relationship in which you can thrive. And at the same time not to satisfy each other’s expectations or tear each. Other’s happiness away like too short a quilt.

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The only question is, did you build it together? If not, there is no point in asking why we cheat. Because the answer is obvious – because we are in a relationship in which there is not much to defend.

If you want to protect yourself from being betrayed, remember. That a good relationship is when someone doesn’t cheat, but not because they can’t. He does not reveal, because he is aware. That this report is worth more than a few nights combined with ripping off stockings in a hotel room.

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