10 Behaviors You Must Give Up If You Want A Happy Relationship!

In today’s article, instead of telling you A Happy Relationship what to do, I want to tell you about ten things for a change from now on if you want your relationship to be happy – long-term and more harmonious every day. She goes to women, but these 10 points work both ways.

Stop comparing your relationship

with your friends’ accounts, with what you see on TV, or nowadays on SharekAlomre social media. Television and the Internet is not a reality, but very often, despite the fact that we supposedly know it, we get caught up in the ideas of what “true love should look like.” By comparing your partner with a friend’s husband / friend / romantic comedy hero, you can prepare for disappointment. Focus on what is good in your relationship, everyone may understand happiness differently :).

Let go of control

especially controlling your partner. We are unique individuals and we have different thoughts, ideas, beliefs, and ways of doing different things. In many situations there is no right or wrong way, just just another way of getting the same idea. Accepting differences is the basis for building stronger relationships.

Stop blaming your partner for your relationship problems

It takes away your power to positively influence your life and relationship. Focus on what you can improve on your side to make your relationship stronger. Remember a relationship is a table with 3 legs (can be found in previous entries). In my coaching practice, I often work with one of the partners, helping him to improve the relationship.

Give up negative narrative

This includes what you say to your partner, to others, and to yourself !!! Our thoughts and words really have a lot of power! Becoming aware of your words and changing them can be the first step to improving every area of ​​your life.

10 Behaviors You Must Give Up If You Want A Happy Relationship!Get rid of limiting beliefs – A Happy Relationship

As you look at your words and thoughts, go a step further and look for the limiting beliefs that are the root cause of those thoughts. What are your beliefs about relationships? SharekAlomre.com Perhaps you have learned them from your family or past experiences. You can’t make positive changes with negative beliefs.

Give up the habit of complaining about all the “little things”

Instead of complaining, make a list of all the things you like about your partner and your relationship. Try to tell your partner how much you appreciate him and why. This point does not preclude an assertive attitude when your core values ​​are not met.

Drop your excuses – A Happy Relationship

I know you are busy with work, children and all the other priorities in your life. If you want your relationship to be harmonious and happy in the long term, it must become the same priority. Make time for your partner. Learn to understand it better, learn new communication skills, work on problem areas, add more fun to your time. Invest in your partnership just as you invest your time and energy in other areas.

Give up all resistance to change

It’s crazy to do the same and expect different results :). Think what you have to change on your side to grow together as a couple? Start today by doing something small – for example, having a coffee together once a week, during which you will share your dreams for the future.

Free yourself from unrealistic expectations – A Happy Relationship

Know your core values, the necessary elements to build a strong foundation. Focus on them, and where necessary, open up to new solutions that combine the needs of 2 parties. Take a look at your expectations and make sure they are realistic. Remember, your partner is not responsible for your happiness, nor does he have to meet all of your needs.


Stop looking back – A Happy Relationship

The past is now a thing of the past, and you have new opportunities every day to create a better future. When you get stuck in the past, it is impossible to move forward. The past is a great learning opportunity and leave that role to play.


I realize that the above can be difficult to apply at times, if you decide that you need help, make an initial, free consultation with me, during which we will look at your situation together.

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