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How to live a second date with a person The Second Date known on a serious dating site? We discussed on a dating site, we decided on a first date. The first meeting was nice, we stayed in touch, now what?

If you started a romantic relationship on the first date (which is risky), this article does not apply to your situation.

When Should The Second Meeting Take Place?

How long before the second date? The time between two dates depends a lot on the availability of both of you, but it is good if the second date comes soon after the first.

You are in the period between the first meeting and the moment when you will decide either to go further, or to stop seeing each other, or to remain friends (which is a slippery choice, see We remain friends? ).

The purpose of this period is to get to know each other, to find out if you like each other, if you can plan to unite your lives, if you fall in love with each other. It is therefore not interesting to drag out this period for a very long time by spacing out the appointments. Especially since if one of the two has become attached to the other, and you decide not to go any further, the longer this period will have lasted, the more the person who has become attached will suffer. If your availability allows it, you can see each other every three or four days, or even every day!

During this period, it is also very inadvisable to continue to frequent dating sites. The dates you have do not commit you to a romantic relationship together, but at the same time looking for someone else, in case you find someone better on a serious dating site, would be very disrespectful.

How to Live our Relationship Between The First and The Second Meeting?

Let’s hope that this period between the two appointments will not last too long…

Already, if you have not fixed the second meeting from the first meeting, it is important that you agree to organize this second meeting.

You can message and call each other, but don’t overwhelm the other with messages and contacts. And above all, do not behave as if you were in a relationship. Avoid sending FlirtWith  , or , etc. Avoid telling her that you miss her or him and telling her too much how much you can’t wait to see each other again.

The Second DateIf the other isn’t texting or calling you for the sake of spending time with you, don’t worry. He or she may prefer not to get too close to you until they get to know you better and have made a decision. Give him space.

Of course, if the time between two appointments were to extend by more than ten days, it would become really important for you to have contact between two appointments. Exchanges by email or by messaging on the dating site can be interesting if one of the two needs to keep some space during this period of discernment.

Where to go For a Second Date?

The possibilities of meeting places and activities for the second meeting are more varied than for the first meeting. You know that the other is not setting a trap for you to rob you and you know. That you appreciate his company. You can more easily consider a hike in nature or a meal at one or the other.

You can also choose activities that were less recommended for a first date. Such as a cinema, a theater or a concert. These activities are not ideal for a first meeting. Because you need to get to know each other and to exchange, to hear the voice of the other. But after the first date, sharing artistic. Moments can also be a way to get to know each other better.

Conversation Topics For The Second Date

It’s good to talk to get to know each other better, but you don’t have to spend your time talking either. It’s not just by listening to each other that we get to know each other.

However, for those who like discussions, exchanging is always positive. Pay attention to the balance between listening and speaking. The single person you are getting to know needs you to take an interest in her/him. And also to be discover.

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We offer conversation topics for the first date. You can also use them for the second and for the others. If you haven’t already covered them all!

On the second date, it’s still a little early to broach the subjects of conversation. That annoy or that can be scary, such as politics, your previous romantic relationships or the biggest burdens you carry. If you feel confident, and want to tackle more sensitive topics. Here are some additional topics for discussion:
Do you have a good relationship with your parents?
Do you feel free to be yourself or do you try to meet the expectations of your family?
If you have children, would you like them to be friends with your future spouse? Would you like your spouse to be a second father/second mother to them?
▸ What elements of your life would you absolutely refuse to change even for the woman/man you love?
▸ Who do you trust?

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